Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy Peazy Hawaiian Chicken

You'll need:
Chicken pieces
Flour for dredging chicken
Butter or oil for frying
Garlic (a clove or two, minced)
Bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
Can of pineapple (crushed or pieces)

This recipe is so easy.

First, rinse your chicken pieces (I like boneless breasts or thighs). Dredge them in flour and brown in a large, oven-safe pan in either butter or oil or a mixture of both. I add the minced garlic before I turn the chicken over. You may have to add butter or oil as the chicken browns. No worries.
Once you're satisfied with the degree of browning, simply pour the entire bottle of BBQ sauce and entire can of pineapple, including the juice, into the pan and gently stir the two together. You can mix the bbq sauce and pineapple in a separate pan and heat it before adding but I skip that step in an effort to make this much easier.  
Place the pan in the oven at 350 for approximately one hour. I don't cover it because I like some of the liquid to evaporate. You'll want to watch this dish as it can easily burn if your oven cooks a little hot. Since the chicken is mostly cooked when you place it in the oven, you can get away with 45 minutes. 
If you don't have an oven-safe pan, simply place your browned chicken in a large baking pan and pour the bbq sauce/pineapple over the top.
Serve with rice. There will be plenty of yummy sauce to pour over the rice.  Enjoy!

Notes: I wish I could remember who gave this recipe to me some 20+ years ago. I suspect it was my wonderful mother-in-law but I wouldn't make a bet on it.  Regardless, it is a winner!

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