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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Susan's Sunday Surprise

Sunday Leftovers

I've really started looking forward to cooking brunch on Sundays.  I take my inspiration from a woman I used to work for who has a cooking blog. She is the most amazing fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of cook I've ever run into.  She hasn't posted in a while but if you are an adventurous cook, you ought to check out her site at CSA Mom. 
Today I needed to use up a few things in the fridge so I decided to make it all worthy enough to sit on a tortilla shell.  I like flour tortillas and my hubby likes corn, so we keep both in the cupboard.
I made a homemade salsa with my ripe cherry tomatoes.  Now you gotta know there is love in that salsa if I'm standing there cutting cherry tomatoes into quarters. Hubby said maybe I should use the food processor next time. No. I wanted it chunky.
So the protein here is two hamburgers I had cooked a couple nights ago. I chopped them up and added them to some already sauteed mushrooms and some chopped up red pepper that was hanging out in the fridge.  If I had not had the burgers, I would have scrambled a couple of eggs or perhaps taken some hot links out of the freezer.  Or perhaps it would have been a vegetarian breakfast.
The hash browns were the only non-leftover item here.
Mmmmm!  My hubby loved breakfast today.  That's just what I was shootin' for!
What would you put in your leftover surprise?