Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raspberry Freezer Jam


I'm not going to post the recipe for this online but I wanted to post this here so if anybody reads it they can take it from me that freezer jam is so easy that a 1st grader could make it!

Go to the store and buy pectin (check the box to make sure it is for freezer jam) found in the food canning section. Open the box and read the directions.  I can tell you what you'll need to have on hand, if you're not brave enough to open the box right there in the store:

Crushed berries (you can use other types of berries, check the box)
Karo light syrup
Lemon juice (either fresh or concentrate)
Plastic containers to freeze the jam in!

Easy peazy!

On this particular day, we (Nancy and me) decided to make 4 batches at one time. We simply placed 4 bowls on the counter and went to town.  It took us about an hour to complete the mashing and stirring and waiting. The jam has to sit on the counter for 24 hours before it goes in the freezer. This is to make certain the sugar is not crystalized.

Make sure to make some little containers that you can give away to your favorite neighbor, friend, and relatives.

You'll be so happy you made this when winter rolls around.



  1. Awesome, thanks for the reminder Susan, I'll have to whip some of this up fairly soon when my raspberries are ripe! Freezer Jam is so very 'fresh' tasting during those long winter months ~ Have a great week ;)

  2. it sounds delicious and looks easy. Wud love to try it out :)