Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peach Salsa


I just made this up and it's delish!!

You may adjust the ingredients to suit your taste:

2 peaches (I left the skin on for color)
1/3 Walla Walla sweet onion, choppped
2 limes (squeeze juice into salsa)
1 jalapeno, chopped. I use the whole thing because I like it hot
Cilantro ~ enough to your liking.

I did not put salt in this as I'm afraid it won't go well with the peaches.

I'm going to try this on top of my brown rice for dinner. I think it will be good on top of a greeen salad, chicken, or just scooped out of the bowl with a spoon.  Nice combination of flavors here. And, I love the color. Hope you'll try it!


  1. Simple with yummy ingredients :)

    My personal take on high fructose corn syrup? Avoid it at all costs. I say this because this is what I've read from many publications; however, who really knows. If you have it in something processed on occasion, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine, but if processed food makes up the bulk of your nutrition, then you might want to take it easy and include more whole, natural foods in your diet.

    It looks as though you already do :)

    I am a new follower, BTW!