Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hopped Up Turkey Sandwich

I love lunch time. It's the hour I live for during my work day. Everybody in my office knows it, too! It means half the work day is over and at 1:01 p.m., we're on the down slide to 5 o'clock.

This is my favorite sandwich in the whole world!  Today, I made it on a couple of slices of home-made English Muffin bread.

Spread a little fat free cream cheese on the bread, add thinly sliced cucumbers and jalapenos, add the turkey.  Throw some green olives in a container on the side.  Mmmm ...

I can hardly wait til lunch!


  1. Now add garlic to the olives and your dad be happy....

  2. To each his own, Nancy! I don't do garlic. I was thinking a sprinkling of Craisins on my sandwich would be it even better! If you don't have cucumbers, try slicing an apple really thin. Mmmm ... it's lunchtime right now. Gotta go eat!