Saturday, March 23, 2013

Susan's Annual Spring "Cake Walk" Cake

Nothing too fancy to do here.  Just bake a regular white cake, or whatever flavor you like best.
This year I decided to use some of my raspberry freezer jam by putting a thin layer of it over the top of a thin layer of frosting on the bottom layer of this cake.  Did you get that? Lots of layering going on here.
I stuck 3 toothpicks in this cake to keep the top layer from sliding off while I frostedi t.
I love, love, love making color coconut for the grass. This is the one and only time of year I ever do it!
Just put however much coconut you wish to color into a ziploc bag. Add a drop or five of your favorite food coloring into the bag and squish it together until it's all colored to your liking.
I went a little crazy with the Starburst flavored jelly beans but I gotta tell you that my cake got picked before dozens of store-bought cakes during the cake walk. Why buy a cake when you can make one that's way better tasing and oh-so-much-fun to make?
If I had done this in a Bundt pan, I would have filled the middle space with a whole bag of jelly beans or perhaps some strawberries or baby peeps or fake daffodils or ..... The ideas are endless. 
What would you put on your spring cake?

love, susan

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