Sunday, February 27, 2011

Linda's Little Pastries

Our friend Linda is the most fabulous cook! She makes everything look so easy. While we were staying at her house recently (Feb. 2011), she made these little pastries. I snapped some photos while she made them so I will remember to make some of my own.

She told me you can use any kind of canned pie filling, for the centers. 

In this instance, she found some canned strawberry pie filling.  These are so yummy!  I can hardly wait to make some for Gene.  She said she usually uses a little egg white to "sew" the pastry together but didn't this time so they baked open.

Just use some phyllo dough, roll it out, and cut with a round glass. Add filling to the center and fold over and bake.  I think she heated the oven to 350 degrees. She never uses a timer so I'm guessing these baked about 15 minutes. I'll update this recipe once I try them myself.

Thank you, Linda & Mike, for being the most gracious friends and hosts for us weary road travelers.  We love you!

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